10:00 AM - Sunday School
11:00 AM - Morning Service
  6:00 PM - Evening Service
  7:00 PM - Bible Study
                   and Youth Classes


Max Creek Baptist Church
3000 Old Rt.100 Road
Draper, VA 24324

Phone: 540.980.0422

Staff and Volunteers

A church cannot function without the people that work to create an environment that allows the Church to worship and serve. We support local, national, and international missions that do good works for God. But we need help from members during services, classes, community events, and around our campus. These positions, whether volunteer or paid, voted-in or delegated, are crucial for our successful ministries and help provide ways that members can give and serve.

Some of our heroes are listed here. Come visit in-person and meet them and other helpful Christians at Max Creek Baptist's next service or event.

Pastor Mike Coleman

Senior Pastor; Bus Driver

Norma Spence


Ersell Alderman

Director of Outreach and Visitation

Charlie Prince

Youth Leader; Pastor's Assistant; Bus Driver

Nancy Boyd

Church Treasuer

Tony Semones

Deacon; Mechanic; Bus Driver

Chad Graham

Deacon; Soundman; Director of Internet Ministry

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