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10:00 AM - Sunday School
11:00 AM - Morning Service
  6:00 PM - Evening Service
  7:00 PM - Bible Study
                   and Youth Classes


Max Creek Baptist Church
3000 Old Rt.100 Road
Draper, VA 24324

Phone: 540.980.0422


​Why do I need to go to a Bible-believing, God-honoring church like MCBC?

  • Life Support

    • If your life seems easy, question if you are on the right path.

    • Challenges are expected as you grow closer to God.

    • Surround yourself with Christians who trust Jesus.

  • God's Truth Preached

    • The Bible is God's inerrant Word provided to guide our lives.

    • Have you heard God without reading and learning His Word?

    • Grace provided by the death of sinless Jesus and faith in Him
      is the only way to Heaven.

  • Music without compromise

    • Traditional Hymns

    • Piano, Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Accordion, Autoharp, Organ, Violin/Fiddle, and a famous Voice Train.

  • Christian Fellowship by Small Group Activities

    • An active children's group, named MaxWarriors.

    • An active youth group, named MaxTeens.

    • Tweeners Activities (ages between Teen and Senior).

    • Adult overnight trips (Museum. Ark, Lancaster, Gatlinburg, etc.)

    • Senior day trips.

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